EnviroMax Chemicals

EnviroMax® Imidacloprid 200SC Termiticide & Insecticide

EnviroMax Imidacloprid

APVMA Registration Number: 66253

Protect your home with an EnviroMax Imidacloprid 200SC Treatment Zone!

There is a growing body of published international research documenting the sub-lethal effects of Imidaclporid on termites infesting domestic premises. These studies have shown that Imidacloprid not only kills termites outright through contact or ingestion, but it also transfers its effects to colonies surrounding the immediate treatment zone. Sub-lethal doses of Imidacloprid have an effect on termite feeding, grooming, and foraging behaviour.

EnviroMax have developed a quality assured "multi pack" Imidacloporid formulation for management of subterranean termites and a range of other insect pests of crops, turf and ornamental plants.  EnviroMax Imidacloprid 200SC Termiticide & Insecticide is suitable for termite barrier treatments, complete under slab installations, termite home protection reticulations systems, perimeter and or service penetration treatments. 

The formulation is suitable for application with foam carriers, and is available in a range of high quality HDPE pack sizes.

Download the SDS

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